We believe it is important to know about the people you work with. Here is a little bit  about us.


Our mission…

To inspire, inform and support local artist in our beautiful studio and artist gallery, where we…

  • Believe that a partnership between artist and the public is an essential relationship. 

  • Provide a beautiful, fully equipped photography studio to our customers. All of our clients receive the highest level of attention, devotion and commitment by our staff. Our goal is to provide a creative, comfortable, fun and exciting experience for our guest photographers and their clients. 

  • Provide a high-quality source of visual art to the community.

  • Promote a sense of community among local artist by scheduling, promoting and hosting meetings in our studio.

  • Maintain a high quality of service and a reputation for honesty and fairness.

President and Founder

Pamela Russell is the founder and business owner of PJR Photography and Studio, LLC and the Artists’ Gallery. Pamela’s experience is extensive and diverse.  It ranges from that of an entrepreneur, business and technology consultant and national sales manager for a major custom wheelchair company.

Pamela’s concept for PJR Photography and Studio was to build her brand as a professional photographer and to open her studio to other photographers on a rental basis. In addition, her plan was to create an artist gallery at the same location. The Artists’ Gallery is home to fifteen artists and hosts gallery events on a monthly basis. In addition, the gallery is available to other artist as an exhibition venue.

Pamela began traveling at an early age and spent many years overseas with her family. She traveled extensively until the age of fifteen. Traveling was a major part of her life because her father was a jet pilot in the Navy and the job included on average two moves per year.

Pamela started taking her camera on every business trip and captured wonderful photographs and her love for the art of photography grew. In 2013 Pamela decided to open a photography studio and offer the space and her equipment to other photographers on a rental basis. Fortunately, the space she chose had enough wall space to start the Artists’ Gallery. The gallery is host to an every changing number of artists. Pamela Russell just announced the new division in the company the Artists’ Gallery in 2015. This gallery exhibits our guest artists and is available as a venue on a rental basis.

Pamela’s has several types of photographic art the she enjoys on a personal level and one of those is her butterflies taken in the butterfly room at Phipps Conservatory. Also, she enjoys landscape photography. Her photography on a professional level gives her the opportunity to offer portrait photography and build a growing business and expertise in high-fashion, fine art.

PJR Photography and Studio offers Creative Events on a regular basis. These events are offered to established and aspiring photographers, models, hairstylist and make-up artists.

The Artists’ Gallery has hosted several gallery galas and continues to offer the Artists’ Gallery as a venue to other artists to exhibit their artwork on a rental basis.

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