Artists’ Gallery


“Black and White Visions”

One Man Exhibition

Featuring Arne Hansen

Bellevue, PA May 5, 2017 – The May exhibition by the Artists’ Gallery offers a small but beautiful portion of the intriguing body of black and white work by Arne Hansen. We are pleased to share Mr. Hansen’s captivating black and white exhibit with the art lovers throughout the Pittsburgh area.

Mr. Hansen has often been asked to explain some of the reasons that have attracted him over the years to a black and white photographic venue. His most interesting responses include the following enlightening observations and feelings.

—-How many times have I been asked…? Why do you like black and white so much? Doesn’t everyone want color nowadays? The images presented for you in this exhibition are but a small attempt to answer that question and to illustrate my love for black and white photography.

—-The simple answer is that art forms are not necessarily overshadowed by advances in technology. In many instances the original art form is enhanced or made readily available. Just as the advent of the motion picture has never displaced still photography, decades of color imaging have not caused the abandonment of black and white photography. In point of fact color imaging has made the black and white image even more distinctive and often separating it as its own art form.

—-For your enjoyment I have assembled an eclectic mix of images ranging from the intricate landscape to an exploration of only pure black and pure white. Please don’t look for a social or political statement -you will find none.

The Artists’ Gallery is most excited about this exhibition and the accompanying musicians that will enhance this warm and unique event. Guest can enjoy the ambience that comes with an opening night reception on both Friday and Saturday evenings. Now you can choose which reception is most convenient for you and even double the fun by attending both receptions. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet and greet the guest artist… Arne Hansen … and discover his inspirations.

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