nino oliastro, PJR Photography and studio, llc customer.

Nino Oliastro, PJR Photography and Studio, LLC customer.

We are pleased to present Nino Oliastro’s message regarding his participation in our latest photography studio training class.

Another great class!

Photography, the art or process of producing images on a surface sensitive to light. Or, painting with light… I never thought of it that way. Obviously it makes sense.

A lot of material was covered, in this class.

I like the instruction of how to light each subject. We learned feminine and masculine posing. It takes various light positioning to achieve what looks best for your subject or what you want to get out of your portrait. I also enjoyed how to set different moods. With the professional head and shoulders, to serious, aggressive or glamour. Different lighting techniques produced a different mood. And subtle movements of your subject plays a big role in making the photograph.

John is the best instructor for this. He knows his stuff. Both models were great to work with and easy to get along with. And thanks to Pamela, it’s always a pleasure workingwith her and in her studio.
Nino Oliastro, Photographer

Photographs of Hailey and Spencer by Pamela Russell

“Let’s Get Posed” Class Descriptions

PJR Photography and Studio is offering another opportunity to local photographers to expand their posing and lighting know-how. We are pleased to offer a posing and lighting class to be presented by a highly experienced and well recognized photographer … John Krachinski. John’s career spans thirty-five plus years and includes portrait, studio, wedding and virtually all manner of photographic artistry. I like to refer to John as the “model whisperer”! So this is a great opportunity to learn from one of the best.

As photographers we face a myriad of challenges and one of the toughest is posing our subjects. No matter how well experienced, when a model steps in front of our lens they will always expect proper direction and guidance. There is nothing more awkward than a clueless model and a quiet photographer.

Class registration is limited.  If you wish to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, please email me at and enter “Let’s Get Posed” in the subject line. This class is the first of two classes in this series. It is not required to participate in both classes unless you wish to learn from John in-studio on November 5, 2016.

The first class will be on-location and our second class will be offered on November 5 and will take place in-studio at PJR Photography and Studio in Bellevue. We provide the subjects for each photo session and these subjects will not be professional models, giving you a real life experience and training.

FIRST CLASS DATE: On-Location – Saturday, October 8, 2016 beginning at 10 AM. The weather on October 1 is going to be perfect for this photo shoot.

Class Schedule: 10 AM -11 AM –   John Krachinski will demonstrate by photographing the
11 AM – Noon –    John will assist each photographer shooting the
Noon – 12:30 PM –   John will address your questions in a Q&A session

Location: Allegheny Commons (park) located right behind the Aviary on the Northside, Look for the pond (please see the map below).

SECOND CLASS DATE: In-Studio – Saturday, November 5, 2016 beginning at 10 AM @ PJR Photography and Studio. Learn John’s studio techniques and work with him while shooting your subject. Look for an email with details to follow.


What to bring to class; bring your camera and any reflectors or scrims you might have access to. There will be light modifiers on site but please feel free to bring what you feel comfortable using.

  • Creating the best lighting for the right poses
    · Getting the best out of your subjects
    · Get your subject into a positive attitude; feeling comfortable with you and the photo session

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