The month of May at the Artists’ Gallery celebrates the beauty and power of the female form through two unique local artists: Miser and Ty Cairns will explore the shape and form of the female body in this living art gallery exhibition. This is a living art exhibition. Models styled for each exhibited artist’s aesthetic will be present and ready for their photos to be taken during the reception. In addition, all work exhibited will be for sale and ready to be brought home.

Artist Information:


Using the delicate beauty of the human physique, these photographs employ soft lighting and detailed composition to accent the graceful poses of each subject. The beauty of this series is not the way nudity is employed to create art, but the way each body tells a separate, powerful story. You can follow Miser on Instagram at @miserphoto

Tyler Cairns

I was inspired to be an artist by the loving family who took the time to sit down and draw with me as a small boy. It’s my dream to one day be a successful comic book artist drawing superheroes. You can follow Tyler on Instagram at @tylercairns

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