Open Letter to Our April Gallery Guest.

On behalf of The Artists’ Gallery, I’d like to express my deepest personal gratitude to you for attending the April installation of our “Artists’ Gallery Weekend Event Series” of Photographic Art exhibitions.   We hope you enjoyed the entire experience as much as we enjoyed bringing to you the fantastic photographic artistry of the seven contributing artists including such notables as Arne Hanson, Gordon Sarti, and John Krachinski. The feedback from many who attended was very generous and the reception was extremely well attended by an interesting and gracious mixed company.  We trust you found that the exhibition itself was curated artfully and professionally.  The Artists’ Gallery is quickly coming into recognition as a unique and significant presence in the Pittsburg art community.  We also want to thank all of the Artists who supported the event by submitting their stunning work. We were amazed to hear the stories related to the development of the “Story Lines” behind the respective pieces.  We are also very pleased to announce the winner of the contest to identify the most “Story Lines”.  The award of our gift of one of the competitive pieces went to Katie Jones.  Katie correctly identified 2 “Story Lines” including John Krachinski’s boxing series entitled “Determination” and Nino Oliastro’s series with the theme of “Isolation”.

The Artists Story Lines for the gallery exhibition are as follows:

Noah Rectenwald – ”Electricity Of/In Space”
Luke Travis – “Wandering Bride”
Tyler Cairns – “Honor & Duty”
Nino Oliastro – “Isolation”
Gordon Sarit – “Only Pa. Nationally Recognized Glacier”
Arne Hansen – “In A Word”
John Krachinski – “Determination”

Please Email to if you wish to be added to our “Artists’ Gallery Weekend Event Series” Email invitation list.

Our next exhibition, “Female Form” is schedule for May 27 and 28 6 PM to 8 PM. We hope to see you there.

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