Pamela Russell
Artists’ Gallery

Gallery location: Artists’ Gallery
                             31 North Balph Avenue
                             Bellevue, PA 15202

Gallery Hours: Friday, April 29 from 5:30 PM – 8 PM
                             Saturday, April 30 from 6 PM – 8 PM

“Art Gallery Weekend Event Series”
Storytelling, Interactive Art Gallery Exhibition


Featuring the Artwork of Seven Local Artists

We have added an exciting and fun filled challenge for everyone who attends this month’s exhibition! There will be seven artists whose works taken cumulatively will represent a Story Line that is known only to the respective artist. Can you be the one to identify the most Story Lines? If you are the sleuth who cracks the most Story Lines, you can select one of the beautiful pieces of art from the exhibition as our gift to you! What is the Story Line behind each of the artist’s work? That’s up to you to discover. The answers lie only within the mind and soul of the artists!

 Bellevue, PA, April 29, 2016 — The Artists’ Gallery presents a unique “Interactive Exhibition” (Bellevue – April 29 & 30).  Friday, April 29th at 5:30 PM will launch this month’s exciting new series of work by seven local artists.  Engage in your love for storytelling and participate in our interactive experience for this month’s exhibition. What a great opportunity to meet the artists and learn about their inspirations.

Saturday, April 30 will feature a young artist, Courtney Kolenda. Courtney is a First Violinist with the Pittsburgh Youth Chamber Orchestra. Courtney will be playing with the Youth Chamber Orchestra Friday, April 29, during their 10th Anniversary Concert, 7:30 PM Carnegie Music Hall, Oakland.

Get your creative juices flowing by celebrating the 2016 Artists’ Gallery’s “Weekend Events Series” of exhibitions with opening nights to be held on the last Friday and Saturday evenings of each month.  Each event in the 2016 series features works by some of the area’s most accomplished artists accompanied by beautiful performances by professional and student musicians which contribute to the ambience and excitement of the evening. We hope you will visit with us and enjoy a weekend high-lighted by a celebration of the arts in Bellevue.

Gordon Sarti. Art in photography has much to do with the light. Throughout my works I attempt to use light to convey a message and the inspiration I felt when capturing the subject matter. Follow Gordon Sarti on Instagram on @cameraguy974.

Noah Rectenwald. Painting is my color-filled, active response to the need for expression-at-a-moment’s-notice. Follow Noah @noahrectenwald.

Arne Hansen. I try not to limit my interest to certain subjects or techniques and strive to remain open to new influences for my work. My latest direction of exploration is “high-key” photography in color and especially in black and white strongly influenced by the minimalist work of Zoltan Bekefy.  Follow Arne on Instagram @vangoughsear.

Nino Oliastro. Every piece I create is in an effort to tell the viewer something about myself. I find that it lets me say something without saying anything. I find a great joy in photographing in a way other folks might not see.  Follow Nino on Instagram @artistrybynino

Tyler (Ty) Carins. I was inspired to be an artist by the loving family who took the time to sit down and draw with me as a small boy. It’s my dream to one day be a successful comic book artist drawing superheroes.  Follow Tyler on Instagram at @tylerrcairns.

Luke Travis. I find inspiration from within. Fears, thoughts, dreams, memories–all of these drive me as a photographer, and help mold and shape the work I make. Photography allows me to externalize the internal through visual storytelling. Follow Luke on Instagram at @LukeThorPhoto

John Krachinski. I have been a photographer for almost 40 years.  I have had many occupations during that time but photography has been a constant.  It has allowed me the opportunity to observe and capture what others may miss. Follow John on Instagram @johnkrachinski.

Throughout the remainder of 2016, gallery guest can enjoy the warm ambience that comes with an opening night reception on both Friday and Saturday evenings. Meet and greet the artists, discover their inspirations, and enjoy the fun of an opening night reception. Now you can choose which reception is most convenient and even double the fun by attending both receptions.

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