We are proud to say that, during the past year, PJR Photography and Studio has hosted several successful creative events. These were developed for participation by both Photographers and Models as an opportunity to expand their portfolios with subject matter that was not only professionally interesting and challenging but an immense amount of fun to boot.   

Pamela is not only the host, she was the one of the photographers, and she was the stylist for all the models.

Our first event was called “Shoot the Faces” starring one of our truly stunning models, i.e., Jackie Pharaoh.  Jackie’s performance as Disney’s “Evil Queen” was an absolute Oscar winner … magically transforming herself into this infamous and icily beautiful woman with a stunning, unforgettable Queenly visage. We searched for months for the makeup artist that could create this serene, unfeeling image on Jackie and fortunately we found her in the presence of Kayla Lawrence and her work far exceeded my highest expectations even, in my opinion, rivaling the skill of Disney’s own animators.

In addition to the Evil Queen, we offered our photographers an opportunity to shoot the “Cat and Kitten” models. These classic characters were modeled by Adrian Booker and her daughter Iliana.  Both   models and our makeup artist did a fabulous job once again offering a great photo opportunity to the many photographers in attendance.

With respect to answering the challenge of attracting photographers, we sent out flyers and reached out to various groups wherein Pamela maintained membership.  With the help and boundless energy of Polly Whitehorn we were able to fill all of the timeslots for this creative event.  Everyone had a jolly great time and I was so pleased with the work that resulted from this very first creative event.

Our second event was heralded as “Shoot the 20’s and 30’s and each photographer was afforded an hour and a half to shoot based on their agreed to timeslot. Charlie Chaplin was by far the most popular of the characters and was wonderfully portrayed by Tristan Reid.  The character of Josephine Baker was beautifully presented by Adrian Booker. We had different wardrobes for the characters of Bonnie and Clyde. One offering was a tailored look and the second was a more casual look and each one made the models look completely authentic. 

Pamela provided the period clothing for each model.  The makeup was beautifully done by Kayla Lawrence. Twelve photographers joined us for this event and the end result was overwhelmingly beautiful. Again everybody had a great time and the models and photographers had beautiful work for their portfolios. 

We hope to have many more creative events in our studio over the coming year.

Pamela Russell

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